The Obsidian Siren
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Hi! I’m The Obsidian Siren. I received my first mermaid tail in December 2019 and dove in head first from there. Being underwater is where I can truly get away from the world. My form of therapy that keeps me sane in the craziest of times. It’s quiet and the whole world just disappears. 
I prefer the darker side of mermaiding and am proud to be a Siren. Tropical Goth, Afterlife, no matter what it is I love to add that dark edge. 

Mermaid Cyprinidae
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I'm Mermaid Cyprinidae.  I am born, raised, and still live in Fresno California. Which I feel is my fishbowl and why I identify with the goldfish. And hence the name Cyprinidae. But I do love to branch out and wear other styles of tails. I feel I'm always evolving. 
I've been in the community since 2017 crafting mermaid accessories and crowns(learned the hard way not to use hot glue). I got my first mermaid tail in 2018 from Swimtails. I now use Mertailor tails and mono fins.
This community has been so welcoming and really helped me be more comfortable and confident in myself and my body. And I try to help promote body positivity. This community has also brought me so many new friends and shown me so how creative and talented people are.