Repair Policy


All necklace items are available for free repairs to a degree.  The item must be shipped back to me with as many beads that can be collected from your broken piece. Some beads are no longer available or many have to be repurchased. Repair time will vary in time completed depending on if the beads are on hand.  If you need a necklace repaired please reach out to me at


All tops are not full proof. All tops are sealed with a layer of marine safe epoxy resin. While I do everything I can to make your tops so they won't get damaged; paint scuffs and scraping can happen if you hit your top against a hard surface.  Tops can be sent in for one paint repair at the buyers expense. Please reach out to me about your paint repair to discuss how it can be completed. 

Conditions of Repairs
Buyers are responsible for return shipping costs. The first repair is free any and all repairs after that are subject to a fee that will be discussed via email communication.