Unicampus Arm Bands

$185.00 - $225.00 Coming Soon

These full silicone arm bands are the perfect accessory to finish off your unique mermaid look.

Made with skin safe Smooth-On Dragon Skin silicone. These arm bands come in five set colors:
-Antique Gold
-Rose Gold

**If you are wanting a custom color with hand painted details in 2 extra colors it is a $25 color change fee. 3 extra colors (as pictured) $40. Custom colors are all hand painted taking more time and product to fully complete.

They have two attachment options: powermesh tie straps or a bra strap attachment.

All are backed with dragon skin silicone to help the bands grab on to the skin and stay in place while swimming.

***Arm bands will be sold in a pair and take up to 2 weeks to complete.

***small pieces measure 8inches and large measure 10inches